Saturday, August 9, 2014

Why is my PS4 Recommended Internet Speed So Bloody Slow

Did you just get yourself a PS4? This gaming console has made a long way since the very first Playstation appeared in the market. Unfortunately, with every new device comes new problems. In this case, there have been some people complaining that their internet speed on PS4 is too slow. Of course, this can have a lot of implications because internet speed can affect the overall game play, especially if you are playing some intense multi-player games. In this blog post, we take at what you can do to improve your internet speed. There are two sides to this. First, you are going to have to check that there is nothing wrong with the service provided by your internet provider. Once you have confirmed this, you will then have to play around with the PS4 configurations and make sure everything is set correctly.

So the first thing to check is if there is any problems with the actual internet connections. The easy way to check is to connect another device and see if you have the same download/upload speed problems that you get with the PS4. If the download or upload speed is fine for the other devices then it could probably be an issue with the way your PS4 is set up. In the very worst case scenario, there could be problems with the wireless driver in the PS4. Again, that only happens in the worst case scenario so don't think too much about that until you are exhausted of all options.

Let's say the internet speed of other devices are extremely slow as well. What would you do in such a scenario? First, contact your internet provider to make sure there aren't any issues with the speed they are providing you with. Next, reset your routers (and modern) devices. A lot of people forget the wonders a reset button can do to a device. If you don't want to reset your router settings then simply take off the power cable for around ten seconds then plug it back on. This is a quick trick I have had a lot of success with. Sometimes, it's the small things that affect the underlying problem.

If nothing changes after you tried the above solution, make sure there isn't some stranger hogging your network. The first thing to do is to change your WIFI password. Next, there is a trick you can use by getting into the admin page of the router. You should be able to see a list of MAC addresses. If you see any weird MAC address on the list then get rid of it straight away.

Hopefully, something should have worked at this point. You may also want to reconfigure your PS4 internet settings by going to the internet configuration section. You may also want to wait one or two days and make sure this isn't a one-off. There can be some days when the internet suddenly goes slow due to various reasons.

Update: one final solution you may want to try is port forwarding. In some cases, routers may block the connections of devices like gaming consoles, which reduces the download and upload speed. You'll have to log in to your router administration page to configure any ports. In the case of the PS4, you are looking to open up a number of different ports. Just do a quick search on Google and you should be able to find plenty of guides that teach you how to set up port forwarding configurations on your router.

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