Saturday, August 16, 2014

Everything You Need to Know About SnapChat FAQ

Although SnapChat is a relatively simple app, there is still some confusion over its functions. In this article, we have compiled a list of common questions people have had regarding SnapChat. If there are any questions that you have that are not answered in this list then please let us know by commenting below.

1. How to use video feature of SnapChat
A lot of people have been having troubling using the video function of SnapChat. First off, make sure you have the latest version of SnapChat in order to use the live video chat function. There may be a few issue with some of the devices. For example, in the past, people with an iPhone 4 had a bit of trouble using the live video feature but that problem appears to have been fixed by the support & technical team. Once you have updated the app to the latest version, you should open up a conversation with one of your friend. There is an important thing to note here. Live video chat will only work if your friend has also opened up the chat with you. Normally, you should see a yellow icon next to your friend's chat. However, when your friend is also on, that icon will turn blue. This indicates that both you and your friend has SnapChat turned on. Once both of you hold the blue icon, the live video chat function should start immediately. Have fun chatting with your friends on video.

2. How to clear your SnapChat Feed
Do you want to clear your chat history? No worries. This is something that is pretty easy to do. Go to the page where you see all your chat feeds. Next, click settings then scroll all the way down until you see a button called 'clear conversations'. This should clear all your past messages in the chat history. If that does not work for whatever reason, go to your phone's app settings and clear the cache. That should remove any chatting trace on your phone.

3. How to enable emojis on SnapChat
Unfortunately, this really depends on the type of phone you have. For example, most iPhones should already come up with emojis. This is not necessarily the case for people with Android or Windows phones. If you own a phone that does not have emojis pre-installed then you should install one of the popular add-ons from the app store. Once you have them installed, you should be able to use the fun emoticons in your SnapChat.

4. How to delete someone from your best friends list?
Did someone you don't really like somehow appear on your best friends list on SnapChat. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to instantly get rid of them from your list unless you delete them as a friend. This list is automatically calculated by SnapChat so if you want to get rid of them from your best friends list then you will just have to send snaps to a whole load of other people in order to get them to not appear on the list.

There you have it. If you have any other important questions for SnapChat then comment below.

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