Saturday, August 16, 2014

Everything You Need to Know About Clash of Clans FAQ

One of the hottest mobile games on Android right now is Clash of Clans. With over five million installs, this game is proving to be quite the hit among Android users. So what kind of common problems or issues have people encountered while playing this fun strategic game? Well, in an attempt to help anyone who is new to Clash of Clans, we have compiled a list of common questions people had about the game. If you have any that has not been answered yet then feel free to comment using the form below and we will answer it to the best of our abilities.

How to get free gems on Clash of Clans?
The most common question people had was on the best way to get free gems from the game. First, when you search for this on Google, you are going to come across plenty of websites that claim that they can get you free gems by simply filling in some information in a random tool. Unfortunately, this is not really going to work. In most cases, those 'hacking' tools are scams. If you don't want to gain the risk of losing your Facebook account then don't take part in those activities. So how on earth do you get free gems then? Well, the easiest way is to simply complete achievements or objectives. There are a lot of different achievements one can unlock. For example, if you unlock the bigger & better achievement then you can get at least five gems. Try these achievements out and see how many gems you can gain. If you are looking for an immediate solution then you will have to buy the gems.

How to get rid of ads on Clash of Clans?
Yes, those ads can get pretty annoying when they pop up on your phone but they are here to stay. Remember, this game is technically free, unless you are spending money on extra items. For the game creators to keep this game free, they will need to make money somehow and the only option for them to make money is by setting up ads in the game. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to get rid of these ads so you'll just have to suck it up.

How to find new friends for Clash of Clans?
Don't have any friends that play Clash of Clans? Need to find other people or strangers to play with you? Your best luck here is to either join the official Clash of Clans forum and find people there who are willing to become your friend or check some of the unofficial Facebook groups that focus on the game. Obviously, having friends in the game is an important element of succeeding so you definitely want to build your social circle by reaching out to other players around you.

How to delete your account
Had enough of the game or want to start a new account? Deleting the app alone and installing it again probably won't be enough. You'll also have to clear the cache in your phone by going to the application settings section. If your gaming account is also linked to your Facebook then you will have to remove that link by going to the apps setting page on Facebook. You'll see an option there to remove any associations with Clash of Clans. If none of these methods work then you may have to create a new Facebook account to start a new game.

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